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We play mostly traditional scottish music on pipes tuned to scottish pipe band playing convention ie notionally concert B flat (Bb) but actually about half a semitone above that (for reasons best known to itself the piping world has suffered "pitch creep" since 1970). In frequency terms our low A is now in the region of 478 Hz as opposed to 466 Hz. This means that playing with wind or brass ensembles is difficult unless we convert to a concert pitch Bb chanter and extend the drones to accomodate a flatter than usual sound. We can do this for up to 6 pipers at some notice.   

Our current repertoire is set out below. Click on the music link (highlighted and then underlined) to download a pdf
version of the setting we use (note: some sets are split for pdf conversion and music not highlighted is not available by this means)

Right - Video of the band at Swanage Carnival 2022 - Kindly provided by Ruthie Phillips

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